New Direction Weight Loss

Advanced Internal Medicine offers a medically supervised weight loss program that involves low carbohydrate, high protein meal replacements for all or part of your meals. New Direction products are critical to meeting your nutritional needs and achieving your weight loss goals. The meal replacements provide your body with high-quality protein, which is vital to preserving lean body tissue and protecting the major organs during weight loss. Meal replacements include healthy shakes, puddings, soups, and bars which provide balanced nutrition while helping you to lose weight as quickly as possible in a healthy, sustainable way.

Most people struggle to lose and keep off weight for reasons beyond physical causes. Stress, travel, holidays, family traditions, and habits play into how and why we eat. In addition to weekly weight and progress checks with our supportive staff, required weekly group or one-on-one education sessions help participants learn how to develop healthy habits and patterns making this diet and lifestyle work for them.

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Ryan Frazine, MD