Opening Safely

A poster on reopening with safety measure icons

With many states starting to reopen businesses and activities that have been restricted, I wanted to update everyone on where things stand in our community in regard to COVID-19 and what actions we should be taking from this point forward.  The good news first.  By all indications the level of COVID-19 disease in our local community…

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A poster on stay home save lives

Much has changed in the week since my last post.  Total diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in the United States have gone from less than 5,000 to more then 30,000.  Deaths have risen to over 400.  This growth is not unexpected to the doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists who study viral infections.  This is what happens when a dangerous virus that…

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How concerned should you be about COVID-19?

A close-up of person closed his face with mask

How Concerned Should We Be About COVID-19? At this point you are likely familiar with the 2019 novel coronavirus and its disease, COVID-19. The most common questions we hear from patients are, “How serious is this, and how worried should I be?” We are also asked, “Isn’t this just like the flu?” The answers to…

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That Sneezing Feeling

A young girl closing her nose with handkerchief

If you have noticed a lot of sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes recently, you are not alone. While you may be concerned that you have a sinus infection, your symptoms are more likely due to allergies. Pollen counts have been high, particularly ragweed. How do you know if your symptoms are due…

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New Direction Weight Loss

A woman posing after the weight loss

Advanced Internal Medicine offers a medically supervised weight loss program that involves low carbohydrate, high protein meal replacements for all or part of your meals. New Direction products are critical to meeting your nutritional needs and achieving your weight loss goals. The meal replacements provide your body with high-quality protein, which is vital to preserving…

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